A Team Approach for the Child

A Team Approach

Team Approach for Children

How and why therapy can benefit your child?

Families often have questions regarding different types of therapy and how their child will benefit, particularly a child with special needs Options can become overwhelming especially when a child displays many symptoms such as sensory processing, socialization, postural control issues, academic and language issues.  Where does one start?

One option I recommend families to consider is Occupational Therapy – This gentle form of therapy helps ease the transition to the world of therapy. During my early years as an OT I once asked a pediatrician whom I’d work closely with for a number of years ‘ why do you refer so many families to me as an O.T when during my evaluation the child displayed so many behavioral, emotional and even language base symptoms?’ His simple answer was ‘because an O.T will look at a child holistically’ I knew that to be true then and still today.  By using an approach which relates to the underlying sensory processing goals this will improve issues such as attention deficient, language, communication, behavior and emotional . The foundation of OT will benefit a child and able them to be stronger and more confident when transitioning into specific therapy such as speech and language, behavioral or social skills.


Focus Children’s Therapy Center brings together highly experienced therapist, who strongly believe in the integrated team approach. Each child is unique and is fully supported by the whole team. We have highly skilled Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Physical Therapists, BCBA Therapists and team Psychologist. If a child receives therapy at Focus then they are under the care of team Focus. We all work together to achieve optimal balance in each child’s life.


To find out more about the work we do and the programs we offer call Jane today 201 894 5800

Ruth Yaacoby, MS OTR/L


Call Jane at FOCUS for any question or support 201-894-5800


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