School Based Behavioral – BCBA

We are providing a team of BCBA therapists who are certified to join your school team and lead the work on behaviors that interfere with the children’s school success.

Each year we submit our RFP for BCBA work in the local schools and we have been very successful in joining the school team bringing along a well-established therapist who can assist the CST and the school personnel to address all children’s behaviors, communicating with the teachers, admin people and the parents upon the needs.

We also provide the following services to the local Public Schools:

  • A shadow for the child -trained solely for that purpose and supervised by our BCBA
  • A coordinator who can match all the specific programs to appropriately support the child’s life at school and home, while preserving their independence and learning.
  • A BCBA – certified to run and supervise each and all programs.

We are committed to parent training and teacher training with the sole purpose of guaranteeing complete success of the ABA program.


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