In the past 8 years we’ve found a large demand from teachers and head of private schools in the local communities, schools for children from age 3-18, to join their school staff, providing additional external support. We’ve used our OTs, Behavioral, Psychotherapists, SLP and PT teams to join the schools teams when there was a need for additional knowledge and support.


  • When there is a need to treat a child at school (OT, PT, SLP)
  • When there is a need for additional professional to help the team solve problems
  • When there is a need for social groups to be developed- our tram led those groups
  • When there is a need for a Behavioral therapist to give weekly hours (minimum if two pr week) to consult to the teachers and help with behavioral issues.
  • When there is a need for In-service on specific area- such as sensory processing and its effect on children’s attention and ability o perform well at schools.
  • When there is a need for screening of all children by age group and by profession- mainly Behavioral, OT and SLP. Once we screen the children, the parents decide how to proceed, wither with evaluation (if needed) or wait 6 months for further development. Our team is highly dedicated to communication with the teachers, admin and the children’ parents.


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