Our Center

We bring multidisciplinary therapists together under one roof at the FOCUS Center – We provide parents with ONE place and ONE session for treatment, instead of hours of non-stop driving from one professional to another, often compromising the quality of treatment because of the lack of a convenient location. The FOCUS Center works with all children of all ages and issues: hyperactivity and inattention, learning difficulties, social skills, play skills, sensory integration, handwriting problems, expressive and receptive language delays, oral motor, muscle tone and other neurological delays.

Our facility is 1200 square feet and we have 3 sensory gyms, 3 fine motor rooms, 1 Social Skills room, 1 play therapy room and a speech and language room.

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Our center has the facilities to support the following programs:

Public and Private schools services

Public Schools

  • All related services such as OT, PT, SLP and ABA (BCBA)- Is part of the team at each school (In House Services).
  • Center based Services to children who may benefit from intense- Sensory work, Physical Therapy with special equipment and speech and language support.
  • We also provide social skills groups’ to support the Districts, who can either deliver them at school or at the Center, based on the needs of the children.

Private Schools

The ultimate goal of The FOCUS Center is for children to be able to reach their fullest potential within the school. We work closely with teachers and staff to facilitate a child’s functionality through screening of all children for OT, Speech and Language concerns, behavioral difficulties, social and play difficulties.

We prefer to integrate our services in the classroom or somewhere in the school based on the preferred program for each child. We may provide group therapy within a classroom setting, consultation, monitoring, in-services, and recommendations for classroom modifications.

The FOCUS Center develops classroom groups which are cost effective to the school.

Our program includes the following activities:

  • Behavioral therapy- ABA
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Play Therapy
  • Fine and Gross Motor Coordination
  • Handwriting (Pre-writing to Cursive)
  • Self-Regulation and executive functioning for attention issues
  • Oral-Motor, speech and language processing issues
  • Physical Therapy concerns

All of these areas impact a child’s ability to participate and succeed in school activities.


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