Ruth Yaacoby, Founder

Occupational Therapist MS OTR/L



Occupational Therapist

Ruth Yaacoby is a graduate of The Hebrew University in Jerusalem and has twenty nine years of experience as an Occupational Therapist in Israel and the United States. She is certified in Sensory Integration, Interactive Metronome, Therapeutic Listening, and the Wilbarger protocol. Ruth has experience in the school system and private practice and has trained and supervised therapists (OT, PT, ST) in both settings. She is also approved Family Therapist in Israel.

Ruth founded FOCUS with her vision of a holistic team approach that will allow for a therapeutic flow and beneficial approach for every child in need. Ruth only works with highly qualified therapists, and strongly believes in the holistic approach to the improvement of a child’s special needs, which is why she has achieved such successful results both in private practice and within the school system.

As an occupational therapist and center founder, Ruth guarantees the highest level of supervision, mentoring and continuing education, providing the quality and results for which The FOCUS Center has become acclaimed.

She firmly believes in including parents and other professionals who are involved in the child’s care in the therapy process. This improves and expands the parents’ knowledge and awareness regarding the child’s unique needs and how to integrate the therapy work on a daily basis as part of the household routine.

For many years Ruth had a vision of opening an integrated multi-disciplinary center as she believed that this is the only way child and therapist can be truly successful. Her vision has become a reality with The FOCUS Center, the Integrated Team Approach For Children.