Psychotherapy and Family Therapy

Focus offers a variety of psychotherapeutic options including individual psychotherapy, either play therapy or CBT and family therapy.


We know that play is the primary means through which children learn. During play children practice communication skills, social behaviors, relatedness, expressive abilities, and learn coping mechanisms. The play room offers the child a safe haven in which he\she can develop, practice and consolidate new skills. For a certain child, the play may be an opportunity for catharsis, for another it is a chance to learn how to identify and express feelings appropriately, while for a third it may offer the opportunity to learn flexibility in behavior and thinking.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a means of attending to cognitions such as thoughts or beliefs and working through certain behaviors to address emotional aspects. CBT is a wonderful therapy for children with anxieties or behavioral issues.


The family dynamic is complex and intricate, involving various people with different personalities, coping styles and emotional responses. Often families are dealing with behavioral issues, grief, attention seeking children, eating disorders anxieties or many more that disrupt the household, causing stress and difficulties amongst the other members of the household. Engaging in family therapy can help address these issues and provide every family member with their own space to open up and share their feelings and personal struggles. Family therapy includes parental training, working on the sibling connections, engaging in open conversations and viewing the patient as the family unit, one that needs to be attended to in a wholesome approach.


Focus offers all three of these therapies and is always open to discussing who may benefit from what specific type of therapy.