Physical Therapy (PT)

Pediatric physical therapy promotes independence, facilitates motor development and function, improves strength and enhances learning opportunities by strengthening the body. Children are referred for physical therapy if they demonstrate challenges with “age appropriate” gross motor skills, or if they have sustained an injury that limits their previous level of mobility and function. Some of the benefits of pediatric physical therapy include improved gross motor development, increased endurance, improved balance, and improved coordination, prevention of injuries, increased muscular strength and range of motion, improved walking patterns and a heightened self-esteem.


Physical therapy may include:

  • Developmental activities (rolling, crawling, sitting, standing and walking)

  • Strong preference for turning the head to one side or using one side of the body

  • Balance and coordination

  • Gross motor tasks (hopping, jumping, and skipping)

  • Physical and Stamina training to build up strength around an injury if occurs or without an Injury.


Physical Therapy is provided in our center using our state of the art equipment in our sensory gyms and can target different aspects that are not usually touched on in school provided services.