Kaitlyn Clausman, ABA Therapist/Counselor


ABA Therapist/Counselor

I received my undergraduate degree in Psychology with my primary focus in Applied Behavior Analysis from Caldwell University in 2015. I worked in Autism and Emotional Impairment classrooms for two years. While there I worked with students who had learning disabilities, social impairments, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, anger management concerns, and Impulsive Disorder. I then received my master’s degree from Caldwell University in Counseling and Clinical Psychology. I am now a certified school counselor and work in both elementary and middle school. As a school counselor, I provide school-based counseling sessions, conduct risk assessments and psychological evaluations.

I am currently an In-home ABA therapist and have worked in a multitude of behavioral summer programs. While in graduate school, I volunteered at Valley Hospital as a Grief/Bereavement counselor. I am also a certified Crisis Counselor and have volunteered for many Crisis out-reach help lines. I am currently taking courses to be a Student Assistance Coordinator. This certification will allow me to provide more intensive counseling within a school setting such as substance abuse counseling, crisis counseling, and treatment for mental health disorders. I am well-versed in conducting both individual and group counseling sessions on topics such as Anxiety, Depression, Social Skills, Organization and Study habits, Mindfulness, and Self-Esteem/Self-Encouragement.