Back to School Tips

Summer has almost ended, with the heat slowly dropping, the beaches starting to grow into fond memories, and our bodies shedding the sand. With the end of summer comes the beginning of the new school year. The fresh notebooks, the new pens and pencils, and the cautiously picked first day of school outfit. The excitement is high, and the feelings are bittersweet, yet with this new beginning comes a new transition. Therefore, we wrote some tips on how to help your child transition smoothly back into the new school year.

1.       Schedule- To begin with, make sure that a week in advance you wake your child up during their regular school year schedule. This type of preparation can help your child’s body physiologically get used to the school schedule, but also mentally prepare for the timetable.

2.       School Prep- Brush up on schoolwork. Help your child get back into the swing of things by preparing to do homework and working on the topics that will be covered in the first few weeks. This boost your child’s self-confidence in class and enable him or her to participate without feeling nervous or ashamed.

3.       Therapy-Return to previous therapies that you may have paused over the summer. This will assist your child by regulating and increasing your child’s self-esteem, helping him or her feel their best self, returning to school.

4.       Communication-Talk to your child. Communication is key to creating a calm and open environment for your child to express his or her fears, anxieties, needs, and hopes about school. This can facilitate a conversation that is motivating and will help your child open up in the future due to his or her feeling that you provide a safe and open environment.

5.       Fun-Make the topic of school fun. Pack your child’s backpack with him or her and add a fun toy or fun note to get your child excited about packing his or her backpack and going to school. Additionally, you can choose and make your child’s first lunch together. This will give your child something to look forward to at school.

Spend the last week by interacting and playing with your child. Play card games, bake, or do some arts and crafts together. Children tend to remember the end and therefore their memory of the summer will be a positive one which will fill them with anticipation into the new school year. We hope that all of these tips help and create a fun and positive atmosphere when your child goes back to school. If you seek additional support, please feel free to contact us. We wish you all a wonderful new school year!

Nofar Ya