Great Gift Ideas for Your Child Diagnosed with ASD

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a neurological disorder where the individual struggles to communicate, socialize, verbalize, or engage with others. It includes repetitive or stereotypical behaviors such as fixating on certain patterns, games, movements, flapping, etc. Many children with ASD are also sensory seeking and are diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. Because the holidays are right around the corner (Hannukah is this upcoming Sunday and Christmas is in a mere 3 and a half weeks) we have compiled a great list of ideas for gifts you can purchase for your child that will be both engaging and helpful in his or her development.

National Autism Resources has a wonderful website that sells amazing gifts for children diagnosed with ASD. A bunch of our recommendations will come from their website (we are not affiliated with them, we simply love the site!).

To start off with, we absolutely love play-doh! This is something you can make at home (there are wonderful recipes online) or something you can buy your child. Play-doh can help your child develop his or her fine motor skills, play with a sensory game, and develop his or her creativity by building and creating. You can turn this into a fun interactive game that includes building castles or forests for characters and then play with some lego or dolls as the characters. This type of game will have the added benefit of developing your child's social skills as well.

A few wonderful gifts that can provide sensory output include a squeezy canoe, a tactile sequin snake, and moon sand. All of these are great gifts because they will squeeze your child just right or give your child some tactile sensory output. This type of sensory engagement can soothe your child and help him or her be attuned during additional activities later on. Also, these are not messy and therefore will be hassle free!

If you are seeking some games that will engage and teach your child social skills, there are a few wonderful games that could be very useful and fun! Hidden Rules Social Situation card game can be a lovely gift that makes learning how to interact with others a fun and playful interaction! Furthermore there are some wonderful gifts that can teach your child how to channel or control his or her angry outbursts and express his or her anger rather than react angrily. One game in particular is called How to Take Grrrr out of Anger. The link to a website where you can find all of these games, is listed below.

Remember that purchasing a gift for a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder is complex but can also be a fun and positive experience! Your child can have fun while working on certain struggles he or she may be encountering! We hope you enjoyed this newsletter and benefited from it! Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!

National Autism Resources Link:

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