Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

FOCUS Center was approved as an agency to provide comprehensive functional assessment as well as intervention for children with primary diagnosis of ASD (Autism)

We provide ABA for children who may exhibit behavioral difficulties as part of their diagnosis, such as children with Autism.


Why Behavior Therapy? ABA is a treatment that helps change potentially self-destructing behaviors. It is also called behavioral modification or cognitive behavioral therapy. It is meant to replace bad habits with good ones. The therapy also helps your child cope with difficult situations in a social context, as well as, at home (with siblings for example).


Setting: Home based services are provided directly in the home and community locations, daily service is needed to change behaviors and habits. However, FOCUS also offers Center Based Therapy for children who need to facilitate the ability to modify to different environments such as school or social and after school activities. We provide therapy on week days and on weekends. Schedules are individualized to meet the needs of the child. Since FOCUS is an ABA approved agency we look at the child from all angles, from sensory, motor, cognitive, emotional and behavioral. We hold a team of dedicated therapists to allow us evaluate the child’s needs to ensure he gets all he needs under one umbrella.


Other services under ABA department:

We at the Center have a wide range of experienced and professional specialists to support all families who may need one or more of the following services:

  • A shadow for the child – trained solely for that purpose and supervised by our BCBA

  • A coordinator who can match all the specific programs to appropriately support the child’s life at school and home, while preserving their independence and learning.

  •   A BCBA – certified to run and supervise each and all programs.

  •   A psychotherapist- proceeding from a dynamic approach who integrates both techniques to allow flexibility and enrich play and academics.

  • A skilled OT and SLP to support the child’s learning process using sensory based approaches.


FOCUS accepts United Healthcare OPTUM and Oxford, as well as Cigna insurance for ABA Therapy! Call us to learn more and start the process right away!