Jessica S. Kim- General Manager

Jessica Suh Kim is the General Manager of Focus Children’s Therapy Center. She received her Bachelor of the Arts in Music Management/Education with Piano Studies in 2010. She has been working with children for over 10+ years from the ages of infants to high school. She began as a piano teacher, which led her to be the lead teacher of a private preschool/afterschool program for many years. After a few years of being a lead teacher, she became the Assistant Director and for the last few years became the Director of the program. She loves kids of all ages and enjoys seeing kids learn and have fun! She is very excited to be part of FOCUS and can’t wait to get to know all the families! She will also be working to get certified as an RBT and working on her masters in Elementary Education and Special Education. She currently lives in Palisades Park with her husband and dog!


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