Puja Mehta, M.S CCC- SLP

My name is Puja Mehta and I am a speech therapist licensed in NY & NJ. I specialize in the  pediatric population with varied communication challenges such as: -Developmental delays;  Pragmatic language disorders; -Childhood apraxia of speech; -Autism ; -Articulation disorders; -Stuttering ; -augmentative and alternative communication systems ; -behavioral feeding issues ; -oral sensory motor exercises.

I am a  strong believer and a practitioner of “progress not perfection” I believe communication difficulties do not come with a manual, they come with a therapist and a parent, who ner give up.

I am PROMPT trained and familiar with use of PECS.

I am multilingual able to speak Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi fluently. I have worked at The McCarton School and the The McCarton Center for over 7 years. They are one of the most established institutions for kids with special needs.   Over 9 years of professional experience, expertise and deep passion for this field, I assure you, will be reinforced.



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