How Does It Work?

Our Center provides a screening to all children based on the teacher’s recommendations.Once we find a child eligible for services, we document this concern and advise the head of the school or the dominant teacher to report back to the parents. If parents request additional information, our clinicians are highly receptive. They are always willing to explain their results and report WHY they see this child should receive evaluation or therapy.

If parents request further testing, we accommodate their requirements and needs. We may provide a school based evaluation, a medical based evaluation and/or a consult (each has different goals and a conclusive summary). Goals and Objectives are written and presented to the parents and they are free to decide whether they are interested in continuing with FOCUS.

We provide one or more of the following services:

  • Individual – 30min, 45 min and 60min sessions- upon the child’s needs and availability
  • Diad – with another child to encourage mutual learning and socialization
  • Small groups – 3, 4 children to facilitate collaboration, socialization and imitate classroom model

If you need to learn more about how FOCUS Center can assist your school or your students and Faculty members, please contact Ruth at 201-894-5800, ext. 102


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