YOGA for the Child and the Family

Introducing your child to Yoga at an early age can support with developing healthy lifestyle habits and set the foundation for nourishing both body and mind. Focus offers Yoga to children with special needs and parents/cares.

Yoga enhances flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness and can improve concentration, instill a sense of calm and create a deeper connection to one’s inner-self and the world around them.

For Parents – What could possibly be a better start to your day then out on the mat next to someone who appreciates and relates to the challenges and joys of your day to day life.

For Children –  We will combine movement with storytelling. Their imaginations will be stimulated and enriched. It will allow your child to reinterpret the text or spoken words and bring it to life in a creative, personal way. It will even enhance and increase neural connections in the areas of the brain responsible for memory and learning!

FOCUS introduces family Yoga classes as well as Individual and small groups of children with ADHD and ASD as well as typical developing children from age 4-18, we also provide family Yoga classes over the week days or weekends.  As multidisciplinary specialists we can tailor any program to the individual needs and developmental level.


Call FOCUS at 201-894-5800 to learn about Elinor Cohen and her classes as well as about the potential program for your child.




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