Prep Groups

At the FCOUS Center we have developed a unique group setting that combines academics and therapy. Years of work in the therapy and educational fields have enabled a better understanding of how crucial it is to facilitate academic readiness, using different and creative modalities, to allow future success.

Most school enhance the basic concepts- such as shapes, colors, numbers, amount, sounds etc. The progress is based on the average learner which does not necessarily accommodate your child’s pace or style of learning.

Many children with typical development issues or with special needs may need to find a different way for learning progressively. We have tailored a program that can adjust the learning progress to each child’s needs. Using a multi-sensory approach, facilitating all senses and working together to master all basic pre academic and academic readiness is the key to success.

Focus Therapy Center’s Kindergarten Readiness Group gives your child a successful head start for kindergarten. Using a whole child approach, we move beyond academic instruction and focus on all aspects of your child’s development using a variety of language and sensory based techniques.

Kindergarten and First Grades’ Readiness Groups build the foundational skills necessary to be successful in a classroom setting.

Children who are appropriate candidates for school readiness programs have difficulty with one or more of the following tasks:

  • Attention/Focusing
  • Regulating their bodies and/or feelings
  • Using language to communicate
  • Initiating play with peers
  • Understanding social cues
  • Following routines of daily work- Difficulty with transitions
  • Gross and/or Fine motor skills
  • Are overwhelmed in a big class setting and needs more small group setting to support learning
  • Mastering basic reading, writing and/or Math skills
  • Low self-esteem and Inability to express self in a large group setting

This unique program runs for 20 sessions with an adjusted fee per family.

If you need further information, please contact Ruth at 201-894-5800, ext. 102


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