Mommy and Me

FOCUS Center is a perfect place to have you and your child engage in a social, motor, sensory and fun play. After birth parents often need a group of parents who share the same feelings, concerns and excitements. We have created a 10 week cycle for the “Mommy and Me” group.

This group is for 8-10 mothers/fathers and 8-10 infants. This is a unique program created to cover all areas such as – basic knowledge, sensory and motor development, feeding and language development, community information and connection. Behavioral issues and questions most parents have will be discussed frequently. Being a part of such a supportive group can help parents feel normal, engaged and connected.

See some of the typical sessions as are developed by our dedicated team who work in the Mommy and Me groups:

  • Session 1: Welcome Session: Introductions, insights and group interests
  • Session 2: Our Changing Roles and Occupations as Mothers (Co-led with Psychologist)
  • Session 3: Getting It All Done: Routines, schedules and organization tips
  • Session 4: Positioning Power: How to position your baby to promote healthy motor development
  • Session 5: Playful ways to promote language development (Co-Led with Speech Therapist)
  • Session 6: Your Sensational Baby: Introducing your child to a world of sensory experiences
  • Session 7: Toy Talk: Playtime options that promote healthy development
  • Session 8: Mindful Parenting: Simple ways to incorporate mindfulness into every day and every decision

If you like the program and what it offers as well or if you feel it suits you or your baby’s needs, please contact Ruth at 201-894-5800, ext 102.


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