ABA-Applied Behavior Analysis

FOCUS Center was approved as an agency to provide comprehensive functional assessment as well as intervention for children with primary diagnosis of ASD (Autism)

We provide ABA for children who may exhibit behavioral difficulties as part of their diagnosis, such as children with Autism.

Why Behavior Therapy? ABA is a treatment that helps change potentially self-destructing behaviors. It is also called behavioral modification or cognitive behavioral therapy. It is meant to replace bad habits with good ones. The therapy also helps your child cope with difficult situations in a social context, as well as, at home (with siblings for example).

Setting: Home based services are provided directly in the home and community locations, daily service is needed to change behaviors and habits. However FOCUS also offers Center Based Therapy for children who need to facilitate the ability to modify to different environments such as school or social and after school activities. We provide therapy on week days and on weekends. Schedules are individualized to meet the needs of the child. Since FOCUS is an ABA approved agency we look at the child from all angles, from sensory, motor, cognitive, emotional and behavioral. We hold a team of dedicated therapists to allow us evaluate the child’s needs to ensure he gets all he needs under one umbrella.

At FOCUS center this treatment is provided by a skilled behavioral therapist under the supervision and within the program management of a certified BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst). The program is specifically tailored to suit the individual child and his/her needs. Some goals possible goals may include:

  • Attending birthday parties and sports/playground activities
  • Accademic readiness skills
  • Social skills training and participation in family events
  • Facilitating “play dates” with your child and his/her peers
  • Participating in classes in school as well as after school activities
  • Riding in a bus or car to school or to other places
  • Shopping in a store or at the supermarket with you
  • Attending Shuls and Churches to allow family participation and community support

More about ABA … If you want to read more

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) involves working on specific measurable goals important to the quality of life of child and family, including both teaching appropriate behavior and making inconsistent appropriate behavior consistent, and reducing inappropriate behavior as well. Behavior worked on is measured and changes are made in supports as needed so meaningful progress is made, and generalization of skills from the teaching situation (materials, location, person, etc.) to others is assessed and worked on as needed.

This is done by: providing lots of structured opportunities to practice skills (e.g., waiting for something, walking safely, following everyday directions, asking for things nicely, tolerating no, taking turns, etc.)

-reinforcing appropriate behavior with something found to be motivating to make appropriate behavior more likely to occur

-redirecting inappropriate behavior

-using visuals and clear simple directions to convey expectations of the child (e.g., first/then pictures, schedules, etc.)

-providing choices when appropriate

-training people who will support the child


Other services under ABA department:

We at the Center have a wide range of experienced and professional specialists to support all families who may need one or more of the following services:

  • A shadow for the child – trained solely for that purpose and supervised by our BCBA
  • A coordinator who can match all the specific programs to appropriately support the child’s life at school and home, while preserving their independence and learning.
  • A BCBA – certified to run and supervise each and all programs.
  • A psychotherapist- proceeding from a dynamic approach who integrates both techniques to allow flexibility and enrich play and academics.
  • A skilled OT and SLP to support the child’s learning process using sensory based approaches.

We are committed to parent training and teacher training with the sole purpose of guaranteeing complete success of the ABA program.

  • Call FOCUS at 201-894-5800 to learn if we can support you. At this stage we accept only OPTUM/UHC for ABA and we can help you request all approved hours for your child if eligible for ABA services. We suggest that you will call your Insurance first to learn about your child’s eligibility and authorization process as well as deductions involved in such program.




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