We provide Behavioral therapy –ABA for children who are typically developing, as well as, for children who may exhibit behavioral difficulties as part of their diagnosis. We service children on the Spectrum- SPD and with ADHD and/or similar conditions.

Behavioral therapy is a treatment that helps change potentially self-destructing behaviors. It is also called behavioral modification or cognitive behavioral therapy. It is meant to replace bad habits with good ones. The therapy also helps your child cope with difficult situations in a social context, as well as, at home (with siblings for example). It is most often used to treat anxiety disorders, anger issues, impulsiveness, communication difficulties, learning issues and similar conditions.

At FOCUS center this treatment is provided by a skilled behavioral therapist under the supervision and within the program management of a certified BCBA (Board Certified Applied Behavioral Therapist). The program is specifically tailored to suit the individual child and his/her unique conditions. Some developments to enhance learning, socialization and behavioral issues may include:

  • discussions about coping mechanisms
  • role playing- especially with children with attention issues
  • breathing and relaxation methods
  • positive reinforcement for learning and behavioral changes
  • activities to promote focus and learning
  • journal writing and academic readiness
  • social skills training
  • Modifications in responses to anger, fear, and pain

For more information contact Ruth at 201-894-5800, ext. 102

More about ABAIf you want to read more

ABA is a behavioral treatment approach that was formed by Dr. Ivar Lovaas in the 1980’s, originating from the branch of psychology known as Behaviorism. It does not presume to know why a child has a particular behavior or attempt to understand the child. Instead, it focuses on re-training unwanted behaviors, mainly by reinforcing desired behaviors (through rewards). A detailed curriculum is designed for each child to cover areas such as expressive and receptive language skills, pre-academic and self-help skills. These skills are then broken down into component steps and ‘discrete trials’ are performed (i.e. repeating a certain task is over and over) until the child learns each component and eventually the full sequence. Due to its intensive nature, ABA is performed one -on -one and is usually continued at home.

We at the Center have a wide range of experienced and professional specialists to support all families who may need one or more of the following services:

  • A shadow for the child – trained solely for that purpose and supervised by our BCBA
  • A coordinator who can match all the specific programs to appropriately support the child’s life at school and home, while preserving their independence and learning.
  • A BCBA – certified to run and supervise each and all programs.
  • A psychotherapist- proceeding from a dynamic approach who integrates both techniques to allow flexibility and enrich play and academics.
  • A skilled OT and SLP to support the child’s learning process using sensory based approaches.

We are committed to parent training and teacher training with the sole purpose of guaranteeing complete success of the ABA program.


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