ADHD Symptoms Vs. Sensory Processing Disorder- WHY Occupational Therapy?

Scientists and parents alike are keenly interested in understanding the relationship between Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD). Behaviors replayed are often similar and misdiagnose. Appropriate intervention for any disorder relies upon accurate diagnose. Perusing a sensory evaluation by a qualified occupational therapist with advanced training in sensory integration is extremely advantageous in the long term development of your child. Finding this distinction increases the likelihood that your child will receive the appropriate treatment for his or her neurological condition. This treatment plan will be recognized and acknowledged in schools.


Ten Fundamental Facts about SPD


  1. Sensory Processing Disorder is a complex disorder of the brain that affects developing children and adults.
  2. Parent surveys, clinical assessments, and laboratory protocols exist to identify children with SPD.
  3. At least one in twenty people in the general population may be affected by SPD.
  4. In children who are gifted and those with ADHD, Autism, and fragile X syndrome, the prevalence of SPD is much higher than in the general population.
  5. Studies have found a significant difference between the physiology of children with SPD and children who are typically developing.
  6. Studies have found a significant difference between the physiology of children with SPD and children with ADHD.
  7. Sensory Processing Disorder has unique sensory symptoms that are not explained by other known disorders.
  8. Heredity may be one cause of the disorder.
  9. Laboratory studies suggest that the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are not functioning typically in children with SPD.
  10. Preliminary research data support decades of anecdotal evidence that occupational therapy is an effective intervention for treating the symptoms of SPD.





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