About Us

Reasons behind FOCUS

IDEA-behind-focusOver the past 18 years of working with children in the center, Ruth gathered a team of therapists and observed that most children that they have treated had difficulties in more than one area of performance. They also saw that issues in one area sometimes lead to other concerns. For example, behavioral issues or sensory processing difficulties in a child may cause that child to experience social, behavioral and learning problems. So the team took a ‘holistic’ approach to therapy: looking at the child as a ‘whole’ enabled the therapists, parents, and educators to understand the child’s needs in a comprehensive way and therefore provide the highest quality of therapy to the child.

By combining feedback from parents with the team experience and personal and professional philosophy for high-quality child care, Ruth developed in The FOCUS Center the Integrated Team Approach for Children.

Our Mission

To support each child reach his or her unique potential in order to function in their home, school, and play environment with the tools necessary for a productive and happy childhood.

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In fulfilling our mission, we will:

  • Provide high quality services by trained professionals who are dedicated, enthusiastic, and caring in the treatment of children.
  • Establish an environment that is based on the team approach with collaboration between all members of the team.
  • Create a safe, non-threatening center with state of the art equipment where children are excited and enthusiastic to come and to improve the skills that are necessary for success in childhood.
  • Educate parents, caregivers, and teachers that are involved in the child’s care so that there will be a carryover between the sessions and the child’s daily routine.
  • Realize that each child is a unique individual, regardless of race, religion, national origin, or gender and deserves to be treated with respect, understanding and love in order to achieve maximal success.
  • Ensure that all information regarding our children is kept strictly confidential.

Our Unique Approach

Collaborative Team Approach: Ongoing communication between therapists and clinicians.

yogaOne of the benefits of treatment at the FOCUS Center is the ongoing communication between our team of clinicians. Our therapists meet regularly to discuss and brainstorm on the progress of the child, treatment and address any concern that may exist.

Why does it work with an “in-house” team? We maximize the benefits of exchanging thoughts and ideas with each other daily. We are constantly cross-training our team about sensory issues, speech and language, as well as emotional and behavioral issues. For example, if a child is currently undergoing occupational therapy treatment and requires additional sensory work to improve his/her attention for handwriting or oral motor work, this can easily be accomplished through our facility by providing integrated sessions.


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