A Unique Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach

We are thrilled to share information with you about our center! The FOCUS Children’s Therapy Center is conveniently located in Tenafly NJ, and was established as a multi-disciplinary center in 2000 as an OT center and we expended to a multi disciplinary center in 2004. We have developed a unique team approach for children’s therapy and education. Focus center is known for our strong team leadership and communication. We provide a variety of services to all children based on their individual needs and are committed to focusing on the family’s needs as well. In addition to our day to day services, we are well known for our School Based services, offered to many Public and Private schools – OT, PT, SLP, Psychotherapy, Social Skills and ABA (Behavioral Therapy) for the past 17 years. We here at FOCUS Children’s Therapy Center are committed to all children with mild to moderate developmental delays such as – Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), Autistic Spectrum (ASD), Learning Disabilities (LD), Children with Sensory Processing Issues(SPD), Language and Speech delays, children with Selective Mute, Anxiety and Depression. We are also devoted to assisting children and families who go through family stress such as divorce transitions and the loss or death of a close relative. We are highly known for our unique Social Skills groups that are run by highly skilled professionals such as Psychologists  (PhD Clinical Psych), Social Workers (LCSW), BCBA, Occupational Therapists (OT), Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP) and Behavioral Therapists (ABA).

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The FOCUS Center is evolving and we currently offer a variety of programs and therapies:

  • Social Skills Groups-Unique 12-14 weeks social skills groups’ cycles;
  • Psychoeducational Testing;
  • Behavioral Therapy- ABA at school or at home;
  • Occupational Therapy- Gross and Fine Motor, Graphomotor and Handwriting, Sensory Processing, Therapeutic Listening;
  • Psychotherapy, Play Therapy, Art Therapy;
  • Speech and Language Therapy- Language Comprehension, Oral Motor, Expressive Language, Feeding, Socialization;
  • Physical Therapy- Gross motor development and related physical issues;
  • Sensory Gym- Using the three sensory gyms to develop motor skills in young ones

Along with the services above, we here at FOCUS currently provide the following programs:

  • Prep Groups- Academic Readiness for 1st and K grades;
  • After School programs;
  • Mommy and Me Groups;
  • Therapeutic Summer Camp (for the seventh year running!)

Some services are delivered both in – English and Hebrew by our highly professional and skilled therapists, who are leading in their field.

With Warmest Regards,

Ruth Yaacoby

Founder and Owner


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